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Foundation Appraisers Coalition of Texas' Political Action Committee

FACTPAC is the Political Action Committee of the Foundation Appraisers Coalition of Texas. The PAC serves a very important role in our legislative advocacy program. During each election cycle the FACT members who serve on the PAC committee help direct financial support to candidates and office holders who understand our issues and who will keep an open door to Texas appraisers.

FACTPAC enables Texas real estate appraisers to engage in Texas politics in an organized, informed and united way. Campaign professionals, candidates, and elected officials alike have come to realize that FACT is strong and FACTPAC is the political arm of Texas appraisers. It is critical for appraisers to invest in the future of their profession! Join today.

The FACTPAC is a political action committee (PAC) that is filed with the Texas Ethics Commission.

Recommended Support Levels

FACTPAC has four levels of support, choose the level you are most comfortable with.
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  • Or contribution of your choice - A contribution of your choosing means that you are a Supporter and are counted in!