In addition to being the voice of Texas appraisers, FACT has become their watchdog.

FACT needs to continue doing what it has been doing, but FACT needs to do even more.  Currently, less than half of the TALCB certified and licensed appraisers are paying to take care of business for all Texas real estate appraisers!

Who belongs to FACT?

Chapters of national appraisal organizations are the members of FACT.   Currently FACT has over twenty appraisal chapters which represents 1,441 Texas real estate appraisers.  While the membership structure of FACT is based on chapters of professional organizations, there is room for everyone. Appraisers who do not belong to a professional organization, or appraisers whose organization or chapter does not belong to FACT, can still support the effort by joining FACT as an individual.

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What are dues used for?


FACT is the only appraisal organization making its voice heard throughout Texas legislation.


Staff continuously monitors legislative activities and lobby on issues potentially impacting the appraisal industry.

Local, state and national agencies, commissions, and bureaus are continuously monitored to insure that regulatory actions affecting teh appraisal industry.
Timely Bulletins

FACT members are kept-up-to-date with frequent notifications on pending legislative and regulatory issues.