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FACT was created following the 72nd Legislative Session in 1991 to provide Texas real estate appraisers with representation in Austin. Since that time the organization's focus has been on issues dealing with certifying, licensing and regulating the state's real estate appraisers. Primary to that focus has been establishing and maintaining a presence at the state capitol as the voice of the real estate appraisal industry in Texas. 

The seeds for the creation of the organization were actually planted in 1989 during the 71st Legislative Session when the Texas Legislature created the Texas Real Estate Appraisal Certification Committee (TREACC), the predecessor of the Texas Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board (TALCB) which currently regulates the industry in Texas. TREACC was a committee under the jurisdiction of the Texas Real Estate Commission. However, after the Legislature adjourned, Congress passed Title XI of FIRREA, which required that state appraiser licensing and certification agencies have their own independent boards and that appointments to the boards should be made by the governors of each state. 

That set the stage for the next legislature in 1991 to amend the statute to bring the state into compliance with federal mandates, and it was that process that convinced a number of leaders in the appraisal industry of the need for an organization to advocate for the interests of Texas appraisers. FACT was created, and money was raised to hire lobbyists to represent the group in Austin. 

FACT was instrumental in the passage of legislation in 1991 to bring the state into compliance with federal regulations, and to prevent Texas from being found in non-compliance by the Appraisal Subcommittee. Again in 1993 and 1995, FACT returned to the capitol promoting statutory changes to keep the state in compliance, as well as to address other issues of importance to the appraisal community. 

Since those years, FACT has maintained a legislative presence, offering statutory changes, testifying in front of countless committee hearings, responding to requests from state leadership for information and viewpoints on appraisal issues, and providing a face for the appraisal industry in the state. 

Prior to each legislative session, the FACT Board of Directors adopts a legislative agenda and through the help of legislative advocates and FACT leadership volunteers, actively pursues that agenda at the Legislature.