• Mar 05, 2018
Report on TALCB Activities


FACT representatives attended the recent TALCB board meeting held on February 9th, 2018 and here are the highlights from that meeting.

1. Rules for possible adoption to allow Certified Appraisers to supervise more than 5 trainees with certain criteria (153.21)
2. Recent AQB appraiser qualification criteria changes to be addressed at the TALCB April 23rd meeting to meet effective date of May 1st (see below article for more details).
3. TALCB to open Chapter 153 Rules Relating to Provisions of the Texas Appraiser Licensing and Certification Act for review starting in February to propose amendments at the April board 23rd meeting.  The TALCB Enforcement & Education committees will be scheduling meetings to review potential changes. 
4. TALCB is holding listening tours across the state & live for appraiser input (see above article for more details).
5. TALCB also offered to assist with introduction of new legislation for Civil Statute of Limitations as needed.  More details on this coming soon.
6. TALCB requested a FACT representative at their 2nd Annual Residential Summit on 4/2/18 focusing on appraisals after natural disasters. 
7. The Apprasial Subcommittee (ASC) conducted their bi-annual review of the agency with minor recommendations.
As always, we encourage our members to attend the TALCB board meetings when possible.   The next board meeting is on April 23, 2018 Monday.

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